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B.I.O.Hazard Area

Beauty Inspired Obsession

7 September
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Answer the call.


I don't own anything that big corporations, such as 20th Century, or honchos,
like Stan Lee of Jerry Bruckheimer, can claim belongs to them. The characters
are the sole property of their respective owners, I'm just indulging myself
in the fantasy that I do own them.

I do, however, own all that is labled original fiction. And I'm VERY protective
of my original work, so don't claim as yours or all Hell will break loose.

All I really ask is that you credit me, don't hotlink
(for that makes Gir cry), and do NOT claim as your own. Also, textless graphics
(icons, headers, wallpapers, banners and what all else I may come up with
in the future) doesn't mean they're bases for you to go willy-nilly with, unless

So, let's stay on good terms, eh. Credit, comment if you'd like to, don't claim
as yours and no hotlinking.

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